About Me

meHow it all started

In 2005 I decided to go on an exchange semester to New Zealand. I had an old Canon Ixus 40 point & shoot camera with me to take photos, so that I could share my impressions with my friends and family back home. A friend introduced me into the basics of photography before I went.


So there I was, 17.000 km away from home and a whole new culture and lifestyle to be explored. It was in New Zealand when I fell in love with nature and beautiful landscapes. I travelled through the country as much as I could and took thousands of photos, chasing one sunset after another.

Life in Canada

After I got back home I had the “travel bug” in me and took every chance to travel. The next place to go was Canada – BC, since my girlfriend is Canadian. I spent one month traveling around Vancouver and the Rocky Mountains. This gave me the chance to improve my photography skills.


Half a year later I made a 5-month internship in Ontario-Canada where I got to know the culture and the rough winters in the east of Canada. Traveling through snow-covered landscapes and experiencing the beauty of Lake Huron, one of the great lakes.

Equipment and Press

In 2008 it was time to get some new photography equipment, since my next trip was going to Utah to photograph the beautiful rock formations, arches and canyons. I bought a Canon Rebel Xsi (EOS 450D), a wide-angle and tele-zoom lens. With my new equipment I could take my photography to the next level.

Current situation

I just finished my masters degree in Wiener Neustadt - Austria and started working full time. In October 2009 I had my first photo exhibition: Austria meets Scotland - "A look under the scottish kilt" which shows landscape and travel photography of Scotland.


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