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New Zealand




New Zealand's amazing landscape is a mix of green rolling hills, steep snow topped mountains, beautiful turquoise colored lakes and stunning sandy beaches. These photos were taken during my exchange semester in 2005.






The vast landscape of Canada offers a lot of variety. From the harsh East Coast over the flat Prairies to the impressive Rocky Mountains. You see there is a lot to explore in this country.


Utah - USA




This gallery features the colorful rock formations of Utah. It is amazing how nature can create such landscape. Once you are standing in front of one of these formations you find yourself in a different world. Be prepared for an alien adventure.




Once a big monarchie, now a fairly small country in the heart of europe with a big history.


With these pictures I want to show you the beauty of my homecountry, especially the not so well known parts in the east of Austria! The east of Austria is known for it's wine culture and agriculture.

Black & White




This gallery shows you assorted photographs from my travels. Black & White photos make such a strong impact even without color. It's like they tell a story on their own.

16.Oct. - 13.Nov '09 | "Austria meets Scotland"


... "Ein Blick unter den Schottenrock" - meine erste Fotoausstellung zeigt Fotos meiner 11-tägigen Reise durch Schottland. Die Eröffnung fand am 16.Okt '09 in der Sparkasse Eggenburg statt! Die Bilder geben einen Querschnitt über die Naturlandchaft und schottische Traditionen.



For english speakers:

... "A look under the scottish kilt" - is my first photo exhibition and shows landscape and nature photography from my scotland trip in 2009. The opening show of my exhibition was on the 16th Oct '09 in the "Sparkasse" bank in Eggenburg, Austria.


>> You can find the actual exhibition photos here

>> For the photos from the opening event, click here


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